What are some benefits that have resulted by using the Microix Workflow Module you purchased?

As an integrated solution with MIP, Microix has provided us with a turn-key solution for requisitions and departmental budget management. The accounting department loves how easy it is for anyone on the workflow to lookup the status of a PO and also look at specifics on the payments that were paid against that PO without ever needing to contact anyone. The self-service approach has empowered our users to gain insight on their budget and future forecast. We highly recommend Microix for any organization who is looking for an easy to manage solution with direct integration into MIP.

How has your experience been when you needed to connect to our support team?

The technical support team has been phenomenal. We typically get a response within a few minutes and support is able to remote into our PCs directly through the Microix client which is unique to a lot of other products. Even some of our less technical staff are thrilled with how easy support is to work with since they know what they are supporting so well.

How has your experience been concerning customer care?

Our overall experience with customer care has been consistently positive throughout our 11+ years of using Microix. We really appreciate how responsive the customer care team has been and also how knowledgeable everyone at Microix has been on the mechanics of how each module works. Thank you for your support!

Robert A. Kurimski, MBA
Chief Technology Officer
Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County

“All documentation, approvals and payables processing was completely paperless…”

Let me thank you for all of the work that you have done for the United Way of Central Alabama this year. The enhancements you have done for us have given us the ability to perform at a higher level than we ever thought possible. With the help of the Microix software combined with the flexibility and efforts of the Microix developers we were able to provide hurricane victims and their families with immediate economic assistance. Through the use of federal funds we distributed over 17 million dollars to over 2000 families within 5 months. All documentation, approvals and payables processing was completely paperless with the help of the Microix product. The United way of Central Alabama was the only entity within the State of Alabama that was able to successfully perform this funds distribution.

Again, Thank you!

Doug, United Way of Central Alabama

“The educational materials are very easy to understand…”

Mr. Davies spent a week at our location installing the Microix module and training both y purchasing team and the accounting staff. The educational materials are very easy to understand and take the end user through a simple step by step process…I found as a trainer that most end users had a solid understanding of the system and were able to successfully use the application within 30 minutes. We went live with the Microix solution on January 1, 2004 and have been very pleased with its performance and the products it delivers. One of the most helpful options for our departmental directors is the “audit trail” function. That function monitors all activity, however minor, within a given order and has been a critical factor in resolving many issues that have arisen.

Thanks to all the Microix staff!

Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center

We have gained tremendous efficiencies and insight into the inventory process. Our previous set up was using two different systems with excel sheets to upload and link them. Using Microix has created the automatic link to our accounting system MIP and streamlined the month end process and created accountability and control at the sites.

Erika Ballinger, Controller
Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette

We don’t miss using spreadsheets anymore…”

Our organization benefitted greatly from the timesheet, requisition and budget modules. We were able to move away from paper and spreadsheets to meaningful and robust modules that met our needs.

The budget module allowed the departmental managers to budget for their respective departments. The module was easy to learn and use. We don’t miss using spreadsheets anymore.

The support team has always been very responsive and helpful. Customer service is excellent at Microix. I would highly recommend their modules to other organizations. When I recently changed organizations, the #1 item on my wish list was the Microix budget module. We bought it!

Jennifer Youngberg, Chief Financial Officer
Peninsula Community Health Services of Alaska

“It has greatly improved our budgeting workflow process…”

Educational Theatre Association has been using Microix budgeting for six years. It has greatly improved our budgeting workflow process allowing program managers to directly input their budgets, and then directly integrating with our Abila accounting software. Microix’s customer support has been great including getting follow up phone calls when needed from their chief executive.

Doug Sandor, Director of Finance
Educational Theatre Association

“Support team has always been wonderful they are very helpful and are quick to respond…”

My experience with Microix has been a great one not only did it open up a wonderful way to have a local payroll department but to have new technology in our company. It has shown me a great fundamental strategy to accomplish my job duties.

Support team has always been wonderful they are very helpful and are quick to respond to any issues I’m encountering. Their support is quick to fix the issues and do it in a timely manner.

Having Microix has been a great tool in our company and builds a bridge for us in furthering our future in developing new automated systems.

Claudia Cisneros – Accounting/Payroll Specialist
Southwest Key Workforce Development, Cameron County

“I have never been disappointed…”

I have used Microix software products for several years in both government and nonprofit organizations. Their products are very intuitive and always innovative. Microix has a tremendous commitment to quality, user friendly products. I have never been disappointed.

Steve Costner, CFO
Early Learning Coalition of Hillsborough

“Working with the Support Department is always a pleasure….”

When I have needed to connect to the support team, I’m always meet with professionalism and quick resolutions. Working with the Support Department is always a pleasure. They are all very knowledgeable of the system and never fail to correct any problem or answer questions. It always a pleasure to work with them.

Each experience working with customer care is always informative and concise. Every issue is handle without delay and often times I learn something new about Microix.

Tracie Robinson, Accounts Payable Specialist
Easter Seals of North Georgia

“It has benefited us by offering an integration with Abila Fund Accounting…”

Our organization uses Microix’s Requisition Module. It has benefited us by offering an integration with Abila Fund Accounting, the ability to attach electronic documents, and flexibility to customize approval workflows. Features such as the option to restrict account codes by workflow simplifies entry and minimizes the risk of data entry errors. The audit trail has served us well in supplying backup documentation of our approval process for audits. When we’ve had to use support, it has been easy to get a hold of someone, and they have been helpful with providing solutions and updates when an answer wasn’t available right away. All in all, Microix has been user friendly and has served us well since we started using it in 2012.

Adrienne Jones, Director of Accounting Operations
Family Health Council of Central PA

“PO’s are all able to be approved via email without any paper passing…”

It (Microix) helps me, in the Accounting area, to match the PO’s up with the invoices as they come in. Prior to Microix, we were using paper PO’s and sending them around the office for signature approvals. This made it much easier for a PO to become lost. I love that the Microix PO’s are all able to be approved via email without any paper passing. Faster approvals. PO’s completed prior to receiving the invoice in the mail. Easy to create PO’s. Can search back for approved PO’s in case one has been approved and I was unaware. Also, able to back track approved PO’s if they have been used and find out why we are being billed again.

Balances easily transfer over to our accounting system making it easy to track the balances of the standing or blanket PO’s. I have not had any problems with the support team. If there is a problem or I have a question, I have been able to contact them and get a question answered right away.

Janet Marsh, Bookkeeper

The benefits experienced by my organization (using Microix) include (1) the ability for more users and (2) the program savings.

The major benefit (using Microix) has been improved management of funds.

The support team is readily available to resolve any technical issues.

Melisa S. Bertani
Manager of Purchasing, Vendor Relations and Contract Administration Neighborhood Centers Inc.

“Simply amazing! The support team is consistent and knows the product inside and out.”

What are some benefits that have resulted by using the Microix Workflow Module you purchased?

  • Streamlining of processes – During the implementation process we were able to review and assess the workflows of each department which varied greatly.  The systems logical workflows allowed us to ensure consistent processes across the organization along with implementing some new best practices.
  • Ensuring proper approval – Prior to implementation ensuring proper approval of an invoice prior to payment fell primarily on accounts payable.  The workflows of the system force these approvals to happen which is a huge benefit from an audit and accounting standpoint.
  • Elimination of paper – A big part of accounts payable’s job included organizing and filing vendor invoices.  This process is handled entirely by the system allowing us to virtually eliminate paper while still keeping the required audit trails.
  • Time savings – Once a department is fully implemented, invoices are processed faster because of how easy it is to review and approve them.
  • Lost invoices – Once a document is entered into the system it can never be lost, eliminating any instances of a document going missing on someone’s desk or mailbox.

How has your experience been when you needed to connect to our support team?

  • Simply amazing! The support team is consistent and knows the product inside and out.  I have worked a lot with Aaron and it is obvious that he not only knows how to operate the system but also knows how it works on the backend.  When we needed help setting up things such as HTML approval, Aaron was able to log into our server and understood the system settings that needed to be changed.  It’s rare to have a support tech that understands both the front end experience as well as the backend set up.

How has your experience been concerning customer care?

  • See above.
  • It’s also been great to see the Microix is continually improving based on customer feedback.

Andrew Gagnon
New England Aquarium

What are some benefits that have resulted by using the Microix Workflow Module (s) you purchased?

“I love it. It is very affordable compared to other options. We started with the Budget module and have been impressed how configurable the workflow is. I also like the fact that it was built to interface live with MIP. Later we added the Purchasing and Inventory modules. Those have really saved us a lot of money and time. We have found that they are very receptive to incorporating wish lists in releases.”

Helen D. Dow, Controller
Goodwill of Central Virginia

Everything workout great. The people from Microix help a lot in achieving a fast learning experience…..

Sebastian Viteri – Chief Financial Officer

Southwest Area Regional Transit District

Over the years, we heard a lot of promises from a lot of companies and tried several, but we always came up short… we finally connected with Microix and their timesheet module, and we haven’t looked back

We have a lot of government grants that require strict timekeeping requirements for the staff they fund, and we had struggled for years to find a product that would allow staff to enter their timesheet based on the hours they actually worked for a grant and/or program, especially where their funded hours could vary from one pay period to the next.  Over the years, we heard a lot of promises from a lot of companies and tried several, but we always came up short.  Products that were designed for the for-profit world just couldn’t do what we needed, and it felt like we were trying to pound the proverbial square peg in the round hole.  Or, the solution still required too much accounting time to be useful.

Seven years ago, we finally connected with Microix and their timesheet module, and we haven’t looked back!  The timesheet module interfaces with MIP payroll (I think you have to have the payroll module), and all of the costs associated with an employee (wages, SS, Medicare, insurances, retirement, etc.) are allocated every pay period based on how the employee enters her timesheet (we are set up so that every employee’s choices are unique).  Supervisors make their approvals through the system, too, not just for the timesheet itself but for time off requests, as well

Microix has saved accounting staff untold hours, improved allocation accuracy and provides an audit trail to management, our auditing firm and grant monitors.  Furthermore, It is very customizable and fairly easy to use.

The guidance and assistance we received when we were setting up the system was outstanding.  The man who helped set us up knew both Microix and MIP really well, which made his help that much more valuable.  We don’t have help desk needs much anymore, but they are always responsive when we do.

The Workflow timesheet module is an excellent solution if you have unique timesheet allocation needs.

Paula Wiggins,
Accounting Manager
Center for Women in Transition