What's New in Version 2024

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Welcome to the next level of innovation with Workflow Modules Modern! We are thrilled to provide you with a sneak peek of some of our forthcoming features. These have been designed with the goal of enhancing existing usability, refining yet simplifying the user interface, keeping up with future trends, and incorporating the most recent security protocols.

Navigation Menu

  • Adaptive navigation menu designed to handle various screen sizes
  • Tailorable tooltip guidance
  • Efficiently locate items within the menu by utilizing the search function
  • Menu items are responsively displayed according to the user's access privileges

Responsive Design and Customization

  • Complete simple task using a smartphone or tablet
  • Optimize forms for efficient data entry on smaller screen devices

My Document List

  • Ranking documents according to their due date
  • Progress bar indicating the percentage of items received or picked
  • Distinctive icons representing different types of documents

Bank Feed

  • Enable daily bank feed of credit card and checking account transactions into Microix
  • Associate receipts with each transaction using methods such as phone camera, PC/network scanner, or by dragging and dropping files from local storage
  • Create cash disbursements in MIP Fund Accounting following workflow approval

Travel Log/Reimbursement

  • Document your daily travel log by utilizing Bing Maps for mileage calculation, or alternatively, provide the starting and ending values of your odometer
  • Document meals, accommodations, and rentals for each itinerary during your travels
  • Attach your receipts to ensure accurate reimbursement

Document Scanning

  • Utilize a local or network-based scanner to digitize invoices and receipts
  • Utilize the scanning feature across all modules

Support Ai Chatbot

  • Find answers to common questions by interacting with an Ai Chatbot powered by ChatGPT
  • Connect to Live Remote Support for additional assistance