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Vendor Punchout Catalog

Punchout Vendors

The Microix Vendor Punchout Catalog allows staff to shop directly from a vendor’s e-commerce website with a push of a button.
This innovative method will simplify order processing and lower procurement cost.

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The Microix Vendor Punchout Catalog

The Vendor Punchout Catalog Feature in the Requisition/PO/Invoicing Module will connect to a vendor’s pre-constructed punchout website and utilizes CXML integration standard. This allows Microix users to place an order(s) via that punchout site while creating the PO inside of Microix to submit for approval. Once the order is approved, a purchase order is generated from Microix and sent to the supplier to fulfill. We are compatible with any vendor that has punchout capabilities for purchase order.

Microix is capable of sending CXML for POs only. EDI is not supported.

Key Features:

  • Microix has made it even easier to submit your order by streamlining the purchasing process.
  • Allows you access to the vendor’s current availability and real-time pricing
  • Ensures higher efficiency by providing your purchasing department the freedom to consolidate all your supplier’s catalogs into one central location.
  • One Purchase Order can generate multiple orders
  • Provides a reliable and highly effective method to improve your organization’s speed, accuracy, and management of the purchasing process.
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Vendor Punchout Catalog

This is a list of some of the vendors.

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