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Cloud Companion Web Application

Cloud Companion Web Application

Create and/or approve your documents anywhere, anytime!

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The Microix Cloud Companion Web Application

The Microix Cloud Companion Web Application is essential as today’s workforce is fundamentally different and no longer limited to the office. We offer a convenient and affordable web application that empowers Microix customers to extend functionalities to remote users. This enables the ability to create and/or approve documents via a web browser on a tablet or pc.

Based on named user license (min 25 web pack). Requirement link available upon request.

Key Features:

  • Staff will have 24/7 access to create and approve documents as long as they have internet connection
  • Gain control over your license usage and reduce costs with this optional add-on feature.
  • Direct access to the most recent information within your organization.
  • One Purchase Order can generate multiple orders
  • Deters the user from experiencing issues in licensing during collaborative efforts.
  • Developed to ensure higher velocity and efficiency within your organization’s daily processes
  • Supports remote employees by providing them access to a “lite” version of Microix
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