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What results did you achieve by using our software solutions?
Great customer service on any issue I have not just this one.

What features sold you on purchasing our software solutions?
Integration with MIP and an excellent track record of support.

What features would you like to see in a future version of Microix
Can't think of Anything right now. You already have the built in Support connection. If only every Software package had that type of Support. Awesome

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What problems did you face before using our services and software?
Invoices were lost, invoices were paid late, coding was inconsistent, budgets were overspent, lack of control over cash management.

What results did you achieve by using our software solutions?
Today, invoices are paid on time, with proper coding, management approvals are managed by tiers of authorizations, documentation is excellent, our annual audit is paperless, paper files are eliminated, cash needs are monitored and decisionmakers can work the budget plan with confidence.

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Greatly streamlined our purchase order process! I don't think we could ever go back to paper purchase orders...

Fred Corey
Aroostook Band of Micmacs

Today as usual, I had to contact Microix to transfer all permission rights to our new Chief Financial Officer.

The customer support I received from Aaron was above and beyond exceptional.

I would highly recommend Microix to other companies based on their outstanding customer support and easy to use modules.

Sandra James
Richland County Recreation Commission

Here at Catholic Charities of Buffalo we have been using Microix since June 1, 2021.  Orders have been placed before 4:30pm and have gotten a filled order by the next day or 2 days after order was placed.  Staples has been great to work with.  The vendor punchout has been easy to use as most of the first-time users of Microix have said. Any questions let me know..

Thank you
Bob Hasselbeck
Catholic Charities of Buffalo
Senior Accountant

I called to get help with installation and activation and the support I received was perhaps the best support I have ever received in my 35 year IT career. Aaron took care of all of the installation and went way over-and-above my expectations. I am extremely grateful for his help. Thank you!

John Gleichman
Sound Generations

I would personally recommend Microix to any organization that would like to streamline their finance/accounts payable/receivable dept. They also offering timekeeping and other valuable assets for a company to succeed. We, at Synergy Services, are a not for profit organization whose focus is providing dedicated care and resources to those affected by domestic violence, abuse, and homelessness. Due the nature of our work, being audited is part of our structure to maintain strict adherence to both state and federal guidelines. Once completely paper based for all of our financials, moving to the Microix system enabled us to become nearly 90% cloud based. Microix has allowed us to work much more efficiently with each perspective location and division being able to enter their financial need for vendor payment instead of it failing entirely on finance. 

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We implemented Microix over a year ago to automate AP and absolutely love it. The system integrates very nicely with MIP, and has really streamlined our invoice approval process, allowing us to be completely paperless in that area. We looked at a few other AP automation systems at the time, and felt Microix provided all the functionality we were looking for and was quite affordable.

We do not use timesheets out of Microix, although I think they do have a timesheet module. Back in 2017 we added the EWS timesheet module to MIP so that all components of our payroll process are in the MIP system.

Whitney Quick
Director of Finance
South Plains Community Action Association
Levelland TX

What are some benefits that have resulted by using the Microix Workflow Module you purchased?

As an integrated solution with MIP, Microix has provided us with a turn-key solution for requisitions and departmental budget management. The accounting department loves how easy it is for anyone on the workflow to lookup the status of a PO and also look at specifics on the payments that were paid against that PO without ever needing to contact anyone. The self-service approach has empowered our users to gain insight on their budget and future forecast. We highly recommend Microix for any organization who is looking for an easy to manage solution with direct integration into MIP.

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“All documentation, approvals and payables processing was completely paperless…”

Let me thank you for all of the work that you have done for the United Way of Central Alabama this year. The enhancements you have done for us have given us the ability to perform at a higher level than we ever thought possible. With the help of the Microix software combined with the flexibility and efforts of the Microix developers we were able to provide hurricane victims and their families with immediate economic assistance. Through the use of federal funds we distributed over 17 million dollars to over 2000 families within 5 months. All documentation, approvals and payables processing was completely paperless with the help of the Microix product. The United way of Central Alabama was the only entity within the State of Alabama that was able to successfully perform this funds distribution.

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“The educational materials are very easy to understand…”

Mr. Davies spent a week at our location installing the Microix module and training both y purchasing team and the accounting staff. The educational materials are very easy to understand and take the end user through a simple step by step process…I found as a trainer that most end users had a solid understanding of the system and were able to successfully use the application within 30 minutes. We went live with the Microix solution on January 1, 2004 and have been very pleased with its performance and the products it delivers. One of the most helpful options for our departmental directors is the “audit trail” function. That function monitors all activity, however minor, within a given order and has been a critical factor in resolving many issues that have arisen.

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We have gained tremendous efficiencies and insight into the inventory process. Our previous set up was using two different systems with excel sheets to upload and link them. Using Microix has created the automatic link to our accounting system MIP and streamlined the month end process and created accountability and control at the sites.

Erika Ballinger, Controller
Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette

“We don’t miss using spreadsheets anymore…”

Our organization benefitted greatly from the timesheet, requisition and budget modules. We were able to move away from paper and spreadsheets to meaningful and robust modules that met our needs.

The budget module allowed the departmental managers to budget for their respective departments. The module was easy to learn and use. We don’t miss using spreadsheets anymore.

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“It has greatly improved our budgeting workflow process…”

Educational Theatre Association has been using Microix budgeting for six years. It has greatly improved our budgeting workflow process allowing program managers to directly input their budgets, and then directly integrating with our accounting software. Microix’s customer support has been great including getting follow up phone calls when needed from their chief executive.

Doug Sandor, Director of Finance
Educational Theatre Association

“Support team has always been wonderful they are very helpful and are quick to respond…”

My experience with Microix has been a great one not only did it open up a wonderful way to have a local payroll department but to have new technology in our company. It has shown me a great fundamental strategy to accomplish my job duties.

Support team has always been wonderful they are very helpful and are quick to respond to any issues I’m encountering. Their support is quick to fix the issues and do it in a timely manner.

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“I have never been disappointed…”

I have used Microix software products for several years in both government and nonprofit organizations. Their products are very intuitive and always innovative. Microix has a tremendous commitment to quality, user friendly products. I have never been disappointed.

Steve Costner, CFO
Early Learning Coalition of Hillsborough

“Working with the Support Department is always a pleasure….”

When I have needed to connect to the support team, I’m always meet with professionalism and quick resolutions. Working with the Support Department is always a pleasure. They are all very knowledgeable of the system and never fail to correct any problem or answer questions. It always a pleasure to work with them.

Each experience working with customer care is always informative and concise. Every issue is handle without delay and often times I learn something new about Microix.

Tracie Robinson, Accounts Payable Specialist
Easter Seals of North Georgia

“It has benefited us by offering an integration with Fund Accounting…”

Our organization uses Microix’s Requisition Module. It has benefited us by offering an integration with Fund Accounting, the ability to attach electronic documents, and flexibility to customize approval workflows. Features such as the option to restrict account codes by workflow simplifies entry and minimizes the risk of data entry errors. The audit trail has served us well in supplying backup documentation of our approval process for audits. When we’ve had to use support, it has been easy to get a hold of someone, and they have been helpful with providing solutions and updates when an answer wasn’t available right away. All in all, Microix has been user friendly and has served us well since we started using it in 2012.

Adrienne Jones, Director of Accounting Operations
Family Health Council of Central PA

“PO’s are all able to be approved via email without any paper passing…”

It (Microix) helps me, in the Accounting area, to match the PO’s up with the invoices as they come in. Prior to Microix, we were using paper PO’s and sending them around the office for signature approvals. This made it much easier for a PO to become lost. I love that the Microix PO’s are all able to be approved via email without any paper passing. Faster approvals. PO’s completed prior to receiving the invoice in the mail. Easy to create PO’s. Can search back for approved PO’s in case one has been approved and I was unaware. Also, able to back track approved PO’s if they have been used and find out why we are being billed again.

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The benefits experienced by my organization (using Microix) include (1) the ability for more users and (2) the program savings.

The major benefit (using Microix) has been improved management of funds.

The support team is readily available to resolve any technical issues.

Melisa S. Bertani
Manager of Purchasing, Vendor Relations and Contract Administration Neighborhood Centers Inc.

“Simply amazing! The support team is consistent and knows the product inside and out.”

What are some benefits that have resulted by using the Microix Workflow Module you purchased?

    Streamlining of processes – During the implementation process we were able to review and assess the workflows of each department which varied greatly.  The systems logical workflows allowed us to ensure consistent processes across the organization along with implementing some new best practices.

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What are some benefits that have resulted by using the Microix Workflow Module (s) you purchased?

“I love it. It is very affordable compared to other options. We started with the Budget module and have been impressed how configurable the workflow is. I also like the fact that it was built to interface live with MIP. Later we added the Purchasing and Inventory modules. Those have really saved us a lot of money and time. We have found that they are very receptive to incorporating wish lists in releases.”

Helen D. Dow, Controller
Goodwill of Central Virginia

Everything workout great. The people from Microix help a lot in achieving a fast learning experience…..

Sebastian Viteri – Chief Financial Officer
Southwest Area Regional Transit District

Over the years, we heard a lot of promises from a lot of companies and tried several, but we always came up short… we finally connected with Microix and their timesheet module, and we haven’t looked back

We have a lot of government grants that require strict timekeeping requirements for the staff they fund, and we had struggled for years to find a product that would allow staff to enter their timesheet based on the hours they actually worked for a grant and/or program, especially where their funded hours could vary from one pay period to the next.  Over the years, we heard a lot of promises from a lot of companies and tried several, but we always came up short.  Products that were designed for the for-profit world just couldn’t do what we needed, and it felt like we were trying to pound the proverbial square peg in the round hole.  Or, the solution still required too much accounting time to be useful.

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“The digital environment means there is no misplaced papers associated with purchase orders.”

What are some benefits that have resulted by using the Microix Workflow Module you purchased?

    Staff have greater awareness of their spending: budgeted versus actual
    Staff who spend off awards/grants know in real-time what spending rates are
    The digital environment means there is no misplaced papers associated with purchase orders
    Easy communication with our accounting software MIP

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“Very budget friendly and powerful tool. Customer support is great and can always get the help needed quickly.”

Li Zhang
Chief Financial Officer
Transportation Authority of Marin

“Feedback from the staff is overwhelmingly positive and they appreciate the efficiencies Microix Requisition brings to them.”

We have purchased and implemented the Budget Module and Requisition Module.
The Budget Module has helped our budget in many ways: by being integrated with MIP, changes to codes automatically are transferred and incorporated; the import into MIP takes moments versus more than a week of manual data entry. Budget reporting is also much easier and readable. Many of our staff are out in the field, by using the Requisition Module our staff do not have to come into the office or fax requests to their supervisor for approval. Feedback from the staff is overwhelmingly positive and they appreciate the efficiencies Microix Requisition brings to them. My co-workers are tired of hearing how sexy I keep saying the program is.

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My favorite thing about Microix is the customer support and the technical assistance. At any time, I can go to online support and one of the Microix support team will dial in and work with me on my computer to fix the problem. It’s true. I love Andy, Sandy, Kanchan and the crew!

Katie (Brunk) Roundtree, CPA, CPFO
Finance Director
Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District

“Using electronic timesheets has eliminated the errors we were finding with paper timesheets.”

The time spent doing payroll has decreased. Using electronic timesheets has eliminated the errors we were finding with paper timesheets. Setting up the workflows correctly has allowed supervisor to see all timesheets at any given time for their staff they supervise.

The support team has been great. We have found the chat feature to be really helpful and prompt. Customer care has been good, no complaints.

Megan Cadwell, CCAP- Fiscal Director
Missouri Valley Community Action Agency

“How has your experience been when you needed to connect to our support team? Once Microix was up and running, the customer support I’ve received has been excellent. Some of my questions are simple and straight forward, and some are extremely complex. Regardless the person on the other side of the chat is professional and will not stop until a solution is found. Every time I have asked a question, I have received an answer.”

Vice President of Finance
Non-Profit Organization in Indiana

“We are Nonprofit that needs reliability and flawless uptime with our applications…”

We have been using Microix going on 10 years now.  We are Nonprofit that needs reliability and flawless uptime with our applications, in order to support our clients.

Microix support has always been excellent!  If an issue arises, within moments (not minutes), support is on the case and resolving the issue and we are backing up and running.

I have never been disappointed.  Big thanks to the Microix team!

Eric Caron
IT Director – KVCAP

What are some benefits that have resulted by using the Microix Workflow Module you purchased? Our most useful benefit is the ability to handle multiple shifts from both an hourly basis and versatile holiday scheme.

How has your experience been when you needed to connect to our support team? We receive excellent response from the support team. I cannot think of any time we have not been able to immediately connect by online chat.

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Microix has helped our organization standardize our approval work flow, I could not imagine my day to day operations without this system. Before implement Microix, all our approval for Purchase orders, Invoices and special requisitions were done manually on an excel spread sheet. Keeping track of who and were in the approval process was my purchase requisitions was a nightmare. Thanks to this system, I can track the approval process for any document from a simple screen on my PC.

Creating P.O’s for 15 different health centers is a breeze with the Punchout option, items are automatically transfer from our main medical and office supplies distributors to Microix with pricing and descriptions. All we need to do is assign our GL codes an location number and the approval from department managers are done electronically (form any part of the world), so no need to print and interoffice documents.

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My experience has always been pleasant.  Typically I get to chat with Aaron, he has the patients of God! He is very knowledgeable, helps me navigate the system and makes sure that I understand the changes I have made.  He explains the steps simply. I am the Administrator of our Microix system, I am always learning and when I do call the chat desk, I learn more.  It’s nice to know that there is always help at the click of a button when I am stuck.

Theresa M. Csiga
Assistant to Procurement and Facilities Department
Liberty Resources, Inc

“It was a pleasure to work with this group and know there are still people willing to help you when you need it…”

My name is Mike Denbow. I am the IT Director for the Meskwaki Tribe located in Tama, IA. I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the customer service attitudes of Cherry Carlock, Joelle Lobban, Shannon Cavanagh and the rest of their team. They went above and beyond for me and it was very much appreciated.

We are in the process of integrating a new department into the Meskwaki Tribe. They have always been independent and run accordingly. We are putting their hourly people into our time clock system and their first day is Monday 9/30. We had a time clock to install, but found that the battery was not any good. Unfortunately, we found this out late in the game and we did not have another spare. I got in contact with Cherry to order a battery. She took our order and then went about trying to find a way to ship it to us as quickly as possible because we wanted the new department to feel they were a part of Tribal operations on the first day. It is a big thing here to make everyone feel that they are part of the whole so having everything ready on day one is very important.

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